Today I woke up inspired to research more information and photos about tiny living. My board on Pinterest keeps getting bigger and bigger and I’d really like to start printing off some of these pictures and hanging them around my apartment as everyday reminders of my dream. Its hard to keep focused on something that seems so overwhelming at times. I tend to start thinking deeply on how I want to design and build my cabin and then that little voice in the back of my head says, “This is going to be very hard, you don’t know anything about building.” I can’t listen to that voice. Everyone had to start somewhere and there are plenty of people who can help me at every step of the way. At this point, I’ve gone back and forth between building an A frame structure from nothing or buying one of those fancy storage sheds that already look like a tiny house and insulating it, flooring it, and putting in a rainwater catchment system and compost toilet. I know that the latter idea isn’t true sustainable living as I wouldn’t be using recycled materials to build the frame, but the truth is I’m not sure I’d have that much access to big enough pieces of wood to actually use recycled materials for the entire structure of the home. I don’t want to cut too many corners, but I do want to be realistic about what I can do with my budget and time frame. The goal is to start building as soon as the ground thaws so I can essentially move into my tiny house in early spring. That way I will have all Spring and Summer to work on the inside and get it ready for the Winter.

The thought of filling my home with beautiful handmade pottery and furniture made from all recycled material makes me feel better about not making the structure of the home from all recycled material.

Some more of my favorite photos that inspire me to keep dreaming of this cabin: 



Links for these photos:


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